The Xelion phone system provides a comprehensive communication platform accessible from many different devices. Its advanced features and tools are designed to make all your internal and external communication more efficient and easier giving you and your business a competitive advantage.


What do I need before starting Xelion?

You will need to download the Xelion desktop client or smartphone app in order to use Xelion. The desktop client/smartphone app is designed to give you seamless integration with the Xelion service whether you’re in the office, travelling or at home. It will give you direct access to the central address book, view recent calls, chat or place calls with people in the office, check the availability of a colleague in the favourites list and lots more. The app is available for iOS, Android™, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 and is free to all Xelion users.

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To use Xelion you must have Java 7.1 or later installed on your desktop.
Contact your IT administrator to install Java via this link.

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